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We are here to dance between being beautifully human and an infinite expression of the Divine.



I’ve always believed that we as humans are on a journey of remembering.

Remembering that you are already whole. Remembering who you truly are and who you came here to be.

As a Certified Quantum Healer and Akashic Records Reader, I use my intuitive gifts to help guide you home to this innate remembering. To a deeper understanding of your path and purpose, what may stand in the way of your current cycle of transformation, and how you are being invited to step into even more of your authentic self.

My readings and healings will help open you to an entirely new level of support, wisdom and untapped soul truth. Opening a window to your soul's truest essence.



The daughter of strict well-meaning parents, I grew up thinking that I had only one choice in life. Go to school, get a good job, and build a stable life for myself. While this laser focus led me to a high-paying career in my 20s, it didn't leave me with any sense of who I was and what brought me joy.

After realizing I was too young to feel stuck, I walked away from it all and embarked on the ultimate journey of self-discovery. And I learned that once you step into who you really are, there's no going back.

If you're ready to walk away from your own limiting beliefs and build a life you love, I am ready to lead the way.


"Working with Lyndsey has really helped me re-identify with myself and just COME HOME to myself. It’s helped to solidify that I am already good enough, and worthy just as I am. It’s helped me to realize that I am on the right path, living my life FOR ME, living out my soul’s purpose, rather than living for other’s expectations of me. "

Rachael Bradbury

"I had the most divine and wonderful time working with Lyndsey! She held such a loving, open space that cultivated my personal growth immensely! She is authentic, loving, and humble. I can honestly say that my life has been changed forever!"

Sarah Peterson



My journey in this lifetime began in my early 20s, when I went through a breakup that turned my world upside down. I felt completely blindsighted and in shock when this happened, and the grief of losing everything in the world I had known and thought to be safe and true – Catapulted me into awakening.


It was as if I had been sleepwalking through my life for years. Operating in a disempowered daze. Besides a few meditation moments and yoga classes over the years, I had truly never felt the full weight of waking up.


From this place, I threw myself into all things personal development, spiritual growth and inner exploration.


I joined coaching programs, got certified as a coach and healer. I attended retreats where I shared my shame to a room full of women, traveled to Costa Rica for galactic activations and learning light language, shook my every bit of grief out at ecstatic dance ceremonies in Bali, cried under the sunset sky of solo hikes through the mountains, mediated and continued to purify my Channel and sharpen my mission’s clarity.


I went all in.

And came out – Anew.


For the first few years, I was really on a journey of discovery. Finding myself through my work, learning my special sauce I could support people with through supporting my clients.


The further I went, the more I uncovered the layers of my depth and spirituality.


I gave myself full permission those 5 years to go all in.


I served. I held space. I supported. I cried and laughed and had the utmost privilege of mentoring women all over the world.


But something broke in me at one point – I came to a realization that in some way, this wasn’t enough for me anymore. Wasn’t enough to support me financially and the lifestyle I desired. Was too lonely of a journey.


I took an almost 2 year break from coaching, re-entered the corporate world and let my nervous system (and bank account) heal.


Until one day, listening to a podcast in the kitchen, I heard the woman mention the Akashic Records – This universal consciousness and container that holds infinite wisdom and records of your Soul’s incarnations, relationships, karmic lessons, past life experiences, and deep wisdom.


I had known about the Records, and had always desired to be a channeler/ connected to other realms and beings beyond my own guides…but never thought it was possible for me.


As I sat in meditation, I asked to open the Records. I instantly felt flooded with emotion, tears, joy. I felt myself surrounded by an overwhelming unconditional love that enveloped me – And I began to journey. From meeting various guides, ascended masters and beings of light. To witnessing my own many past lives and meeting multidimensional versions of myself, I loved every minute of it.


I felt the healing so strongly and the connection so pure.


I closed my Records and thought – Could it be true? Did I really just access them? There is no way…I must be imagining this…


I pulled out one of my favorite Oracle decks and pulled a card…




This happened three days in a row (shuffling the deck between days) and on the 3rd day, I finally let it hit me. This was and is real. I am in there.


From that moment on – I was hooked.


Taking courses, reading every book on the Akasha I could find, opening my Records daily to learn, explore and play in this newly found frequency, and eventually getting certified as a reader.


After about 6 months in my own Records, I finally mustered the courage to read for others. My human self was full of fear and doubt, but my soul and higher expressions of self knew – This is what you are born to do.


I took the leap.


As I continued to offer readings, I felt a new calling unfurl – My ability to work with energy.


Often when I would open client’s Records, I would be directed to a chakra, and shown a mass or blockage of energy. I would be guided to use light frequencies and various other technologies to clear and move this energy to restore the client to greater balance.


This energy work came naturally, but there came a point where I knew I needed some training and understanding of these gifts.


I started on the path of psychic development courses, and honed in my gifts as a quantum healer. And while every session I learn and see something new, I feel confident in my abilities as a healer.


Clients come to me for a variety of reasons – some are feeling stuck and would like clarity on how to move forward, others might simply “not feel like themselves”, others are in a state of processing trauma, looping through karmic patterns they feel unable to shift on their own. Some are simply ready to welcome more love, abundance, and joy into their lives and hearts. Some are seeking answers to life’s great mysteries.

I wouldn’t say that I have a “niche” as every reading and every healing are different based on each being’s unique soul signature and energetic blueprint. But if I were to put a finger on it – majority of the seekers who come to me feel a deep connection and calling in their heart to be of service.


They know somewhere deep down they are a wayshower for higher consciousness.

That they are meant to leave a lasting impact here.

And that their legacy stretches far beyond the day to day or patterns of modern life.

They know that earth and humanity are healing, evolving and ascending – And they feel the call to help.


Lightworkers, healers, facilitators, medicine men and women, starseeds, space-holders…or wayshowers as I like to refer to them – Are waking up.


Ready to accept their Divine mission here on Earth and ready to claim their Divine birthright of living sovereign, abundant and free.


My work with clients is a blend of three things…




& Energy


EARTH – I am first and foremost a mentor and sacred space holder. A guide for others to discover their path of transformation. A mirror for beings to remember who they truly are and why they are truly here. From Uber driver to coffee shop baristas, nothing has ever come more naturally to me then to be a safe space for others to share their hearts with. It is a born and bred mission I accept with my whole heart.


ETHER – But I don’t do it alone – I get by with a little help from my friends :). I am a channel and connector of humanity to the ethereal realms. Through my channeling work I connect beings to their Akashic Records, Akashic Field of Light, and Akashic Council/ Guides. I support you in your deepest curiosities, and greatest quest for clarity. This channeling work is for those who want to know and understand their life path and healing journey on a deeper level.


ENERGY – Possibly my favorite part of what I do is work with energy in the Quantum field. Opening up to this infinite realm with you, and helping to shift, clear and heal. People come to quantum healing sessions for a variety of reasons - to heal trauma, clear blockages, purge, remove entity attachments and AI, return to a balanced and fluid energetic state with the chakra system.

I love this work.

I am grateful every day for my connection to the etheric realms.


I am, just as you are on a constant journey of healing, remembering who I am, activating my gifts to new levels, and finding the courage to not only know, but embody and live out my core purpose here.


If you are a wayshower, and you feel the call somewhere deep within your heart, but don’t quite know where to begin…




I’ve been where you are – And not once in my life have I regretted taking that first step.


Let’s talk, I’d love to know you! 🙂


Xo Lyndsey Noelle